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The Healing Power Of Water And How To Use It In Gardens

Why is water healing?

Scientists have found the specific reason why showers feel so refreshing and it’s the same reason why people are attracted to holiday destinations that include lakes, oceans or waterfalls and may explain the healing power of water.

Scientists have proven that falling or moving water such as waterfalls, beaches, fountains and even showers release negative ions into the surrounding atmosphere. 

What are negative ions ?

Ions are molecules that have gained or lost an electrical charge. They are created in nature as air molecules break apart due to sunlight, radiation, and moving air and water. (Mann, 2002)

When you’re in an environment where the concentration of negative ions is greater than positive ions it will have an effect on your body and mind.

Blood pressure will be lowered and your respiratory system stabilised, creating a calming effect.  There is an increase in blood flow as well as the oxygen content in your cells. 

Increased oxygen levels in your blood help your metabolic system function which in turn affects your mood.

The sound of running water also plays a big part in helping the mind relax. So it can be said that the therapeutic effects of water in a garden are ours to benefit from.  

How to use water in your garden?

There are many ways water can be incorporated into your garden such as:


Water features are an easy starting point for incorporating water into your garden. Many fountains are DIY and cost very little to set up.

image of water feature in a back yard
Image from Fountainland


Fish ponds combined water and animals and give not only the benefits of water but provide an awesome hobby to help escape day to day life. Incorporating a small fountain will provide aeration as well as the sound of running water.

Image of a fish pond
Image from Handyman.net.au


Frog ponds are an easy alternative and attract the relaxing sound of wildlife. Frog ponds can be set up with very low cost involved.

image of a Frog pond
Image from Boys Life


A simple pot with the hole plugged or a water bowl at the entrance of your house is an easy DIY project. A small pump can be added to create the sound of moving water and even reeds or water lilies can be added.

Water bowl with water lilies
Water bowl with water lilies from Container water gardens

5. Natural Swimming Pools

Natural swimming pools are a cross between pools and ponds with areas to swim and areas that naturally filtrate water through gravel and plants. No chemicals are needed in a natural swimming pool. This means you will gain the benefits of water as well as the natural wildlife it will attract.

A Natural swimming pool built by Natural Swimming Pools Australia
A Natural swimming pool built by Bionova

6. Pools

Conventional swimming pools are a great way to enjoy swimming but can be costly.

image of a backyeard swimming pool
A pool built by Ecopool


Outdoor showers are very popular in the tropics and help to bring that healing benefits of water into the garden.


Outdoor baths are another way to relax and be in nature.

9. Birdbath

If your budget is restricted then a simple but easy way to include water into your garden is a birdbath. While you might not gain the full benefits you will attract birds and other wildlife.

If you would like some help with designing and including water in your backyard, then consider contacting us about one of our landscape design services.


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