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Inspiring gardens with trampolines

All kids love trampolines, and one might argue they are a childhood necessity, but they can sometimes be a bit of an eyesore. Its always challenging creating a well-designed garden that is kid-friendly and inclusive, although it is not impossible.

Below are some inspiring designes that manage to incorperate trampolines.

All garden edging, paving, and paths lend to the trampoline’s curved nature, creating interesting patterns. Multiple circles have been used to create a bubbly and playfully garden design.

This is an interesting garden with the trampoline interacting with another creative element, the pool. The pool above is a natural pool with no chemicals whereby water plants can grow as seem on the right side.

The above trampoline has been sunken into the ground. This has benefits to safety as well as access for smaller kids. How this is achieved can be seen below.

The combination of a sunken trampoline and planting right to the edge has created a very natural and soft looking design. The trampoline would not be visible from a distance and would only be seen after exploring the garden creating intrigue and adventure for kids

Again the garden edging has followed the natural curves created by the trampoline with planting around and underneath lending to the idea that the trampoline belongs there.

The above two images are both examples of playful kids’ gardens with trampolines integrated.

How would you create a garden design integrating a trampoline in your yard? Comment your ideas below.

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