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Landscape Design Brisbane

The key to a great Landscape design in Brisbane is understanding your climate and what plants work. A large variety of plants can grow in Brisbane making it the ideal place to have a gorgeously diverse garden. Try to consider what style of garden you would like. Styles like Mediterranean, cottage or even tropical gardens are all achievable in Brisbane.

Here are a few plants suitable for brisbane.

Plants are not the only important factor that makes up a great garden. While they are crucial, a balance between aesthetics and function is necessary to take a mundane garden to the next level. It’s important to understand how hard surfaces such as paving and retaining walls can be used without making your yard seem like a concrete jungle. This is a common mistake made with a lot of gardens.

Why use a landscape designer?

Designing a garden can be a difficult task and quickly become overwhelming, but this process can be made easier with a professional Landscape designer. The first thing I do is sit down with the client to understand their need from their garden. After they have shared their vision with me, I do a site analysis to identify any limitations and gather all the necessary information. Once that’s done I will move unto creating a concept plan, which is the first step in bringing to life that initial vision.

Our Landscape design services

We offer landscape and garden design in and around Brisbane. If you are looking for a professional landscape designer who can help you with your garden project then consider us for your next project.

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